PLA 48: Learning and teaching participation

This edition of PLA notes looks at the role higher learning institutions play in participation, from teaching  students, to improving practice in trained facilitators and collaborating with community organisations.

Article, 01 December 2003
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

December 2003

Guest editors: Peter Taylor and Jude Fransmann

This issue draws on an international workshop on learning and teaching participation in higher education (LTP), hosted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). The workshop brought together experiences of teaching and learning participation not only in universities but also in other institutions of higher learning, e.g. research institutes and training centres for professionals. The workshop and the global dialogue around it aim to examine the role of teaching as a force for understanding and strengthening processes of civic engagement and democratic participation in development.The articles describe experiences of teaching and learning participation in a range of higher education settings, from social work education in India, to a law faculty in Peru, to national agricultural research institutes in East Africa, revealing many similarities but also differences in approaches to teaching and learning. 

It focuses on three main areas:

  • participatory modes and programmes of teaching and learning, including internal aspects of programmes, such as teaching approaches and curriculum content, and the role of external relationships with communities and social organisations in effective teaching and learning; 
  • university-community linkages, and the different forms these linkages can take; 
  • the role of learning networks and ways of institutionalising LTP.

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Learning and teaching participation in institutions of higher learning - Overview
Peter Taylor and Jude Fransman

Participatory modes and programmes of teaching and learning 

No beginners: teaching participation at the graduate level
Nancy Grudens-Schucka

The art of facilitating participation: unlearning old habits and learning new ones
Lydia Braakman

Developing 'soft skills' in higher education
Jürgen Hagmann and Connie Almekinders

Teaching: learning participation in social work
Sherry Joseph

Learning participation: the case of PROSODE, Peru
Henry Armas

University-community partnerships

Learning and teaching participation in higher education in China
Li Xiaoyun and Li Ou

Choices in community higher education collaborations
Randy Stoecker

Learning participation for a human development approach
Carlos Cortez Ruiz

Learning networks and methods for institutionalising and mainstreaming learning and teaching participation

Co-learning processes in a participatory poverty reduction scheme
Steffanie Scott and Truong Thi Kim Chuyen

Institutionalising partcipation in East African research institutes
Chris Opondo, Ann Stroud, Laura German and Jürgen Hagmann

General section 

What are Democs?
Perry Walker

Participation capacity building in NGOs
Judith Chaumba and Jouwert van Geene

Tips for Trainers - Role Play, an extract from Reflect's Communication and power resource pack