PLA 47: General Issue

This general issue of PLA notes includes papers on the use of participatory research in many different contexts, from resource management plans in Gabon to the use of participation to ensure support for orphaned children in Lesotho.

Article, 31 July 2003
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

August 2003

Editor: Angela Milligan

This edition opens with a look at the generation of numbers through participatory approaches. It looks at new methods of collecting data, allowing both qualitative and quantitative data collection and how communities can be empowered to collect information themselves without the need for outside intervention. It also looks at agregrating and using those numbers beyond the community level, an area in which there is growing interest.

There are also Tips for Trainers, and our usual In Touch section which includes book reviews, events, and e-participation.

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Follow the links below to download the whole issue or individual articles in pdf format.

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Angela Milligan

Participation and numbers
Robert Chalmers

Participatory quantification in the water and sanitation sector
Leonie Postma, Christine van Wijk and Corine Otte

Are we targeting the poor? Lessons from Malawi
Sarah Levy

Developing coding systems to analyse difference
Vicky Johnson and Robert Nurick

Adapting PRA to protected area management in Central Africa
Sonia Blaney and Marc Thibault

The trouble with PRA: reflections on dilemmas of quality
Andrea Cornwall and Garett Pratt

Fisheries co-management at Lake Victoria: starting up a participatory monitoring process

Community-based support for orphaned children in rural Lesotho
Kenneth Storen, Nthabeleng Lephoto and Colleen Dunst

Targeting the extreme poor: field experience from Dimla, Bangladesh
Dipankar Datta and Iqbal Hossain

Participatory evaluation with pastoralists in Sudan
Almotalib Ibrahim, Sara Pantuliano, John Plastow, Wolfgang Bayer, and Ann Waters-Bayer

Participatory tools for the evaluation of training interventions
Rajiv S. Saxena and Subir K. Pradhan

Tips for Trainers - Participatory Rural Appraisals