PLA 43: Advocacy and Citizen Participation

This edition of Participatory Learning and Action uses case studies to explore questions about advocacy and citizen participation.

Article, 01 February 2002
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

February 2002

Guest Editors: Cindy Clark, Beth Harrison, Valerie Miller, Jethro Pettit, Lisa VeneKlasen

Approaches to advocacy and citizen participation are becoming increasingly important for civil society groups, as more attention is paid both to popular participation in decision-making at all levels and to holding those in power accountable.

This issue explores the following questions through case studies from South Asia, Central America, East Africa, Southeast Asia and North America.

  • How does participatory advocacy differ from other mainstream concepts, and how is it linked to strategies and processes of social change? What key elements of citizen education, training, and organising are involved?
  • What are the strategic entry points for participatory advocacy at local, national, and global levels, and what are the dangers?
  • How do we handle issues of representation and accountability in advocacy movements?
  • How do we measure success and failure?

Also included are training tips from a recent book on advocacy, 'A New Weave of Power, People, and Politics: The Action Guide for Advocacy and Citizen Participation', plus general articles on participatory approaches and a comprehensive resources section.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Content can be freely reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided the source is fully acknowledged. 

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Overview - making change happen: advocacy and citizen participation
Cindy Clark, Beth Harrison, Valerie Miller, Jethro Pettit and Lisa VeneKlasen

What is people-centred advocaccy?
John Samuel

The advocacy debate: changing policy, changing people
Lisa Veneklasen with Valerie Miller

Samajik Samikhya : a social audit process in a panchayat in Orissa
ActionAid India, Bolangir Team

Causes, consequences, and solutions
Lisa Veneklasen with Valerie Miller

Engaging people in right to food and work litigation
Arundhuti Roy Choudhury

Struggle of civil society organisations in Pakistan for pro-people legislation
Irfan Mufti

People's Assemblies on Devolution of Power: a case study on popular political participation in Pakistan
Irashida Dohad

Participation for whom?
Partricia Ardon

Jumping on the train: the pastoralist experience in Kenya's PRSP
Daoud Tari Abkula

Assessing entry points: questions of engagement
Lisa Veneklasen with Valerie Miller

Grassroots women's advocacy programme
Nani Zulminarni

Power and empowerment
Lisa Veneklasen with Valerie Miller 

The struggle at Yellow Creek
Valerie Miller

From city streets to congressional corridors: insights from the US anti-war movement
David Cohen

Monitoring and evaluating advocacy
Jennifer Chapman

General Section

Determining priorities in rural communities in Jamaica
Jane Dodman

From dependence to self-reliance through restoring human values: an experience with farmers' organisations
Rajiv S. Saxena and S.K. Pradhan

Participatory communal conflict resolution (PCCR)- a tale of two Nigerian local communities
Chimaraoke O. Izugbara

Feedback: Response to 'Introducing PRA techniques in the learning of environmental education in Southern Peru', Sonia Gomez Garcia and Jose Pizarro Neyra, PLA Notes 40, pp13-17
Levis Kavagi