PLA 40: Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment

This edition of Participatory Learning and Action includes a themed section entitled Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment.

Article, 01 February 2000
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

February 2001

Guest Editors: Michel Pimbert and Tom Wakeford

The special theme section in this issue focuses on how to engage ‘the public’ in policy formulation. Civil society is increasingly interested in ideas about good governance, deepening democracy and citizen empowerment. There is particular interest in how to bring the public or ‘lay’ perspectives into areas where traditionally they have had little or no involvement. This issue of PLA draws together some key thinking around public participation, using a range of techniques known as ‘Deliberative and Inclusionary Processes’ (DIPs), including mechanisms like citizen juries, citizen conferences and the like. The main experience with these processes has been in the North, although increasingly they are being adopted and adapted in the South. 

This issue also contains general items about PLA and  a tribute to Jimmy Mascarenhas, a PLA practitioner who did much to develop and spread PLA approaches.

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Editorial - Readership Survey
Laura Greenwood

Petals and thorns: the dilemmas of PLA and debt bondage
Joanna Busza, Hom Em Xakha, Ly Saranda Da and Un Saron

Introducing PRA techniques in the learning of environmental education in Southern Peru
Sonia Gomez Garcia and Jose Pizarro Neyra

Lessons from malaria control activities in urban West Africa using a research-action-capacity building approach
G. Felber, N. Othingué, N. Yemadji and K. Wyss

In memorandum of Jimmy Mascarenhas
Robert Chambers

Deliberative democracy and citizen empowerment

Overview – deliberative democracy and citizen empowerment
Michel Pimbert and Tom Wakeford

Some examples of methods used in DIPS (deliberative and inclusionary processes)
Tom Wakeford

Bridging the gap: citizenship, partnership and accountability
Andrea Cornwall and John Gaventa

Focus groups and public involvement in the new genetics
Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Anne Kerr and Steve Pavis

Citizen juries: reflections on the UK experience
Clare Delap

Rights or rituals: why juries can do more harm than good
Peter Glasner

Farmer foresight: an experiment in South India
D. Satya Murty and Tom Wakeford

Telecommunications and the future of democracy: preliminary report on the first US citizens' panel
Dick Sclove

Scenario workshops and urban planning
Isa-Elisabeth Andersen and Birgit Jæger

The Danish consensus conference model in Switzerland and France: on the importance of framing the issue
Jacques Mirenowicz

The issue of framing and consensus conferences
Helen Wallace

Participation and governance in the UK Department of Health
Jo Lenaghan

Inclusive deliberation and scientific expertise: precaution, diversity and transparency in the governance of risk
Andy Stirling

Citizen engagement in science and technology policy: a commentary on recent UK experience
Alan Irwin

Participatory environmental policy processes: experiences from North and South
Tim Holmes and Ian Scoones

Who's framing who? Some experimental criteria for evaluating DIPs
Tom Wakeford

Reclaiming our right to power: some conditions for deliberative democracy
Michel Pimbert

Tips for Trainers: PRA/PLA training
Neela Mukherjee