PLA 39: Participatory Communication

This edition of PLA Notes includes a special theme section that looks at popular communications.

Article, 30 September 2000
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

October 2000

Guest Editors: Joanna Howard and Patta Scott-Villiers 

The special theme section of this issue of PLA Notes examines how popular communications can be used to engage with local people and bring the views of those who are generally excluded to a broader arena for sharing and exchange. It illustrates how popular media can act as a powerful mechanism to ring policy makers and local people together and shows the potential of certain popular communications techniques (e.g. participatory video, theatre for development etc.) for community empowerment.The issue also contains five general issues on PLA approaches and experiences.

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'Sharing the last drop'. Household water security and equity in small coastal watersheds
Gregory C. Ira

Keys to unleash mapping's good magic
Janis B. Alcorn

A participatory GIS for community forestry user groups in Nepal
Gavin Jordan and Bhuban Shrestha

Adding the fourth dimension to participatory 3-D modelling
Giacomo Rambaldi,Marlynn Mendoza and Fernando Ramirez

Sustaining participation: what are the challenges? A review of the Uganda Participatory Development Network (UPDNet) annual meeting 24th-25th August 2000
Peter Ejautene Okiira

Popular communications

'They are shouting it whenever they can' Beyond invited participation: the power of popular communications
Joanna Howard, and Patta Scott-Villiers

A story to tell: 'Hili li mama...' meaning 'This mama...'
Masaiganah Mwajumah

Radio Ijambo and the petrol price rise
Aloys Niyoyita

Brighton and Hove rocks
Naomi Alexander

Using video for urban poor solutions in Phnom Penh
Maurice Leonhardt

Pre-election voters' awareness campaign in Rajasthan - a journey
Ajaya Kumar Mohapatra

Flying to reach the sun
Anna Blackman interviewed by Joanna Howard

'O teatro de rua dos meninos de rua'. The street children's street theatre
Barbara Santos

Tips for Trainers: Pairing of Provebs to find your partner
Ced Hesse and Pippa Trench