PLA 38: Participatory Processes in the North

This edition of PLA Notes has a special section which presents a variety of case studies where participatory techniques have been used. The key linkage between them is that their location is in the 'North' (for the purposes of the PLA Notes, this is defined as membership in the OECD).

Article, 31 May 2000
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

June 2000 

Guest Editors: Charlotte Flower, Paul Mincher and Susan Rimkus

Participatory approaches have been increasingly adopted in northern countries, influenced by the long history of participatory practice in the South.

This issue pulls together a wide range of case studies where such techniques have been used. Examples include using participatory practice with drug users in Norway and in the UK, projects on urban planning in Japan and community development in Scotland and Ireland, adaptating REFLECT for work with immigrant women of Calgary, Canada, worker-led participatory evaluations in the USA, participatory video in the UK and participatory monitoring of an extension project in Australia.

This issue also includes a review of the Francophone Exchange for participatory practitioners (April 2000), as well as two articles on general PLA topics.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Content can be freely reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided the source is fully acknowledged. 

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Participatory learning and action or participatory acting?
Thackwray Driver and Axel Kravatzky

Changing professional attitudes: complementing use of participatory techniques with attention to the 'here and now'
Kees Blok

Review of the Francophone exchange meeting on participatory development in Francophone Africa: results and strategies for the future
Laura Greenwood

Participatory processes in the North

Overview - participatory processes in the North
Charlotte Flower, Paul Mincher and Susan Rimkus

Settlement planning through linking people: a participatory approach of the Kitagata project in Japan
Mitsuhiko Hosaka

Urban youth as community planners and leaders: exploring their potential with urban community action planning for teenagers (UCAPT)
Laurie Ross and Mardi Coleman

Consultation or active participation? using the right tools to involve local people
Kate Gant

PLA as a tool in participant process-orientated evaluation in the field of drug prevention psychiatry in Norway
Nina Foss and Liv Aune

The use of the qualitative research methodology tool 'Participatory Appraisal' with mental health service users, as a method of consultation and community capacity building
Jeanne Nicholls and Katie Watson

W.A.L.K.W.A.Y.S. (Walsall Youth Projects): using participatory appraisal as a means to assist person-centred planning in the lives of young drug users
Daren Garratt and Caroline Stokes

East End health action participatory appraisal for East End health strategy
Christine Caldwell

The most significant change approach for monitoring an Australian extension project
Jessica Dart,Geoff Dysdale, David Cole and Mark Saddington,

Articulating the rural voice - a case study from Northern Ireland
Gareth Harper

Participatory planning in Northern Ireland: the 'learning community' approach
Rachel Naylor, Nick Mack and Lesley Baillie

Community documentaries and participatory video
Al Garthwaite

Sowing seeds of sustainability with Duthchas
Sine Gillespie, MegTelfer and Vanessa Halhead

Farmer-centred extension education: the educational venue of pasture walks in Wisconsin USA and the role of the facilitator
Lynn Chakoian

REFLECT in Canada: Pebbles in the Sand
Desiree Lopez

'Naming the moment'. A participatory process of political analysis for action
Chris Cavanagh

Perry Walker

Worker-led participatory research and evaluation: lessons from the real world. Reflections of the SREPP participants
Anne K. Eckman, Tom McQuiston and Tobi MaeLippin

A seven year northern training journey
Andy Inglis

Feedback: Using participatory research techniques to investigate local notions of malaria in a Nigerian community – focus on field-workers’ conduct and behaviour
C. O. Izugbara with a response from Somesh Kumar

Tips for Trainers: Team formation: poker style
Francoise Coupal