PLA 33: Understanding Market Opportunities

The theme of this issue of Participatory Learning and Action is understanding market opportunities.

Article, 30 September 1998
Participatory Learning and Action
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October 1998

Guest Editor: Andy Jeans

The special theme section of this issue of Participatory Learning and Action explores the use of participatory approaches to help local people better understand markets and to develop their skills in managing financial resources. 

The articles reflect a variety of development efforts to enhance the capability of groups involved in smallholder agriculture, natural resource management and income-generation activities to understand some of the financial aspects of their enterprises, and to explore some of the options and consequences for change.

This edition also includes contributions on general topics. 

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Content can be freely reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided the source is fully acknowledged. 

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Using PRA for conflict resolution in national parks: lessons from a Venezuelan experience in Canaima National Park
Iokiñe Rodríguez

Using participatory research methods to explore the learning environment of rural primary school pupils
Abigail Mulhall and Peter Taylor

Participatory gender resource mapping: a case study in a rural community in Honduras
Abigail Willmer and Jennifer Ketzis

Participatory genealogies
Somesh Kumar and Vinay K. Srivastava

Participatory GIS: opportunity or oxymoron?
Jo Abbot,Robert Chambers, Christine Dunn, Trevor Harris, Emmanuel de Merode, Gina Porter, Janet Townsend and Daniel Weiner

Ranks are statistics: some advice for their interpretation
William G.Fielding, Janet Riley and Ben A. Oyejola

Understanding market opportunities

An enterprising approach to livelihood strategies
Andy Jeans

Investigating local markets using PRA
Mathilda Roos and Mampone Mohatle

Understanding market obility: perceptions of smallholder farmers in Bangladesh
Kamal Kar and Dipankar Datta

Participatory budgets: a farm management type tool to assist farmers in their decision-making
Peter Dorward, Mark Galpin and Derek Shepherd

A board game for financial management training
Ivan Bond

The business planning story: planning land based enterprises with rural Aboriginal people
Paul Mitchell and Fiona Walsh

Feedback: Participatory assessment for people with disabilities
David Thomforde with a response from Sulemana Abudulai and Deb Johnson


  • A new approach to evaluating a peer education programme
    Kate Butcher, Sumi Baral, Krishna Bista and Rajendra Adhikary
  • The communication linkage matrix
    Neela Mukherjee

A brief guide to training in participatory methods in the workshop

Tips for Trainers: Exploring evaluation through drawing
Coupal, Francoise