PLA 30: Participation and Fishing Communities

The special theme section in this issue of Participatory Learning and Action explores the use of participatory approaches with fishing communities.

Article, 30 September 1997
Participatory Learning and Action
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October 1997

Guest Editor: Marie-Thérèse Sarch

This issue examines how participatory approaches can be used to tackle the challenges of small-scale fisheries development, and covers fisheries development efforts aimed at a spectrum of objectives ranging from co-management for sustainable fish stocks to improving the welfare of fishing communities. The authors show how participatory approaches have been used to understand the resource, manage fisheries and plan for development.

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Assessing pollution from tannery effluents in a South Indian village
K. Anbalagan, G. Karthikeyan and N. Narayanasamy

Participatory action research for a small industries promotion programme
Torsten Striepke

Participatory concept mapping to understand perceptions of urban malnutrition
Dan Maxwell, Margaret Armar-Klemesu, Lucy Brakohiapa and James Annorbah-Sarpeil

Visualisation as a platform for entry into dialogue with farmers
Ueli Scheuermeier and Elias T. Ayuk

Using participatory appraisal methods to review a sanitation and hygiene programme in Southern Niger
Christine van Wijk

Participation and fishing communities

Addressing the challenges of fisheries development
Marie-Thérèse Sarch

<>Mapping change in time and space: floodplain fishing communities in Nigeria
David Thomas and Mamuda Musa Danjaji


Participatory methods for community-based coastal resource management
Gregory C. Ira

Customary marine tenure in the South Pacific: the uses and challenges of mapping
Philip Townsley, James Anderson and Chris Mees

Investigating systems of fisheries' access along the River Benue in Nigeria
Marie-Thérèse Sarch, S.P.Madakan and B.L. Ladu

Local voices to the surface
Andy Inglis, Hugh Govan and Susan Guy

Participatory student research increases awareness of sustainable fisheries management
Ian G. Baird, Phongsavaht Kisouvannalat, Visay Inthaphaysi and Bounpheng Phvlaivanh

Getting fisherfolk off the hook: an exploratory PRA in Southern India
R. Ramesh, N. Narayanasamy and M. P. Boraian

Participatory group planning for a fish preservation project
Nembo Nkwentie

From invisible work to collective action: research and participation with women from the fishing communities of the Amazonian Coast
Maria-Luzia Alvares and Maria-Cristina Maneschy

Participatory and integrated policy processes in small-scale fisheries
Jock Campbell and Philip Townsley

The lasting elements of PRA port profiles in Conakry, Guinea: lessons for sustainability
Jan Peter Johnson and Seny Camara

Feedback: Developing participation
Anil C. Shah with a response from Kudakwashe Murwira

<>Extracts: Getting your head above the water
S. T. S. Lepcha and K. J. Virgo


A brief guide to using exercises and games to enhance group dynamics

Tips for Trainers: The buses game
Barbara Kaim