PLA 27: Participation, Policy and Institutionalisation

Most of this issue of PLA Notes is devoted to the use of participatory approaches to inform policy and shape institutions. 

Article, 30 September 1996
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

October 1996

This issue opens with a collection of general articles focused on agriculture and health.  

The special theme section of this issue of PLA Notes draws on three workshops organised in 1996. The first two workshops, held at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, explored how PRA can be used to influence policy and how participatory approaches can become part of an organisation’s culture. The third workshop, held in Bangalore, India, discussed the attitude and behaviour changes which underpin effective participatory processes. The articles explore the opportunities and the constraints to scaling up participatory processes and discuss how PRA can be linked to a wider and enabling policy environment.

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Reflections from farmer-led trials in India
T. Barik, R.N. Mohapatra, P.L. Pradhan and B.P. Mohapatra

Farmers' on-farm participatory research: experiences in Ethiopia
Ejigu Jonfa

And what about women? Promoting gender balanced participation
Wenny W. S. Ho

Child Health Calendars
Eleanor McGee

Assessing perceptions of 'basic minimum needs': a modified Venn diagram technique
Carin Duchscherer and Duke Duchscherer

Participation, Policy and Institutionalisation

Participation, policy and institutionalisation: an overview
John Thompson, Jo Abbot and Fiona Hinchcliffe

The use of RRA to inform policy: observations from Madagascar and Guinea
Karen Schoonmaker Freudenberger

'The one who rides the donkey does not know the ground is hot.'
Tony Dogbe

Village voices challenging wetland management policies: PRA experiences from Pakistan and India
Michel Pimbert, Biksham Gujja and Meera Shah

Linking PRA to policy: the conflict analysis framework
M. Warner, C. Robb, A. Mackay, and M. Brocklesby

Challenges in influencing public policy: an NGO perspective
Anil Shah

Participatory shaping of institutional landscapes
Markus Steinich

The rush to scale: lessons being learned in Indonesia
Nilanjana Mukherjee

Scaling up or scaling down?
Kamal Kar and Sue Phillips

Going to scale: community resource appraisal and planning in the Philippines
Larry P. Nacionales and Maxwell P. Wilkie

ABC of PRA: attitude and behaviour change
Somesh Kumar

Sharing our experiences: an appeal to donors and governments
Abu Hena Mallik et al.

Feedback: Different perspectives, experiences with RRA in Zambezi District, Zambia
Bart Pijnenburg and Daniëlla de Winter, with a response by Bara Gueye


  • The price of rice: exploring the meaning behind the data
    Cate Turton and Albert Aquino
  • Participatory project evaluation among dryland dwellers
    Ute Reckers
  • Using names as a guide to past ecology and land-use practices
    MTE Mbuvi
  • Insider and outsider voting: reflections from Scotland
    Carolyn Jones

A brief guide to preparing for training and facilitating

Tips for Trainers: For or against?
Irene Guijt