PLA 25: Special Issue on Children's Participation

The special theme section of this issue of PLA on a workshop about child-focused programming and the use of participatory techniques for research with children.

Article, 01 February 1996
Participatory Learning and Action
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February 1996

Guest Editor: Victoria Johnson

The workshop was held at the Institute of Development Studies in September 1995. The aim of the workshop was to share experiences between people working on child-focused programming. Groups discussed conditions for success and ethical issues; positive and negative experiences of the use of participatory techniques with children; power relations and links with adult power; and how participatory techniques with children fit in with other programme objectives and processes. The issues arising from these group discussions are summarised in the overview paper, while the articles are drawn from experiences offered by workshop participants and invitees.

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Sharing experiences of participation in Latin America: a workshop report
Costanza de Toma

PRA for risk reduction: lessons from Mozambique
Ailsa Holloway and Diane Lindsey

Retrospective community mapping: a tool for community education
Wilbert Z. Sadomba

Revealing gender differences through well-being ranking in Uganda
Janet Seeley, Januario Nabaitu, Lorraine Taylor, Ellen Kajura, Tanance Bukenya, Elizabeth Kabunga and Fatuma Sembajja

Stumbling towards gender-aware PRA training in Indonesia
Judith Dent

Staff perceptions of the impact of PRA on MYRADA's Work
Robert Leurs

Facilitating PRA amidst war: experiences from Sierra Leone
Ann C. Hudock

Children’s participation

Introduction: starting a dialogue on children's participation
Victoria Johnson

Children's rights and the changing face of work in the field
Brian Milne

Children as special citizens
Louise Chawla and Anne Trine Kjørholt

Institutionalising children's participation in development
Michael Edwards

Action research with street children: a role for street educators
Olga Nieuwenhuys

PRA with street children in Nepal
Rachel Baker

Participatory interactions with children in Nepal
Pashupati Sapkota and Junita Sharma

Whither children's hour? An experimental PRA among labouring rural children
N. Narayanasamy, B. R. Dwaraki, B. Tamilmani and R. Ramesh

Children and participatory appraisals: experiences from Vietnam
Joachim Theis

Young people, participatory research and experiences of leaving care
Andrew West

Teenage facilitators: barriers to improving adolescent sexual health
Tilly Sellers and Martin Westerby

The process of empowerment: lessons from the work of Peace Child International
David Woolcombe

Tips for Trainers