Sarah Best

Senior researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Sarah Best's picture
Telephone: +44 (0)20 3463 7399
Languages: English, Spanish

Sarah Best's current work focuses on energy access and renewable energy, productive uses of energy, and on citizen engagement in policy and debates on energy and mining. She has expertise on pro-poor and inclusive business models, civil society advocacy for change, and a range of energy and extractives issues. Her current research is focused on East Africa.


Civil society advocacy for policy and practice change; social/labour impacts of business; pro-poor business models; energy access, renewable energy and climate change; extractives sector.

Before IIED

Policy adviser in Oxfam advocacy unit (UK, Brussels, Bolivia).

Prior to that, various research/policy roles or projects with ILO, Shell, Confederation of British Industry and Sustainable Development Advisers (Argentina). 

Education: MPhil in Development Studies, IDS, University of Sussex; BA in Modern History, Oxford University.

Current work

Energy access and renewable energy; productive uses of energy; citizen engagement in energy transitions; citizens perceptions surveys on large-scale mining; meaningful consultation; artisanal and small-scale mining knowledge programme.