Nora Nisi

Researcher, Climate Change

Nora Nisi's picture
Telephone: +44 (0)20 3463 7399
Languages: English, German, Italian

Before IIED

Nora worked for en.v – an organisation dedicated to fostering social development and civic engagement in the Middle East – as a research coordinator. Before that, she worked for local NGOs in both Kuwait and Indonesia (K’S PATH and R.O.L.E Foundation respectively) supporting the operationalisation and progress of programmes focused on community-based conservation, empowerment and development. 


  • MSc in ecological economics, University of Edinburgh
  • BSc from University of Toronto. Double major in peace conflict and justice studies and environmental studies. Minor in forest conservation science

Current work

Areas of focus include climate change governance, climate risk management, loss and damage, and locally-led climate-resilient development.

Projects include: 'Tackling loss and damage in vulnerable countries: improving evidence and co-generating pathways to impact', the Adaptation Research Alliance, and 'Drought, agriculture and climate change in Small Island Developing States'.

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