Paris Agreement ratification a huge step forward, but the poorest must not be left behind

The European Union's ratification of the Paris Agreement is a "huge step forward", says IIED director Andrew Norton, but the poorest countries, who are most affected by climate change, must be included in key discussions.
Press release, 04 October 2016

The director of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Andrew Norton, has responded to the European Union's ratification of the Paris Agreement

"The EU's decision to ratify the Paris Agreement is a huge step forward, but this progress must not risk leaving those who will be most affected by the devastating impacts of climate change out of the agreement process," he said.

"It is vital that the process for creating the rules that govern the agreement's implementation includes all countries, particularly the poorest – whether or not they have ratified the agreement.

"Many of the poorest countries will need more time to ratify it and should not be left out of key discussions as a result. This is crucial to making sure that the Paris Agreement's ambition is both high and equitable."


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