New animation shows how climate-related loss and damage is impacting people in Nepal

The fourth of a series, IIED releases a new film depicting how people in the least developed countries are experiencing loss and damage caused by climate change.

News, 22 September 2022

IIED's latest animation about climate loss and damage in Nepal is narrated by climate justice campaigner Shreya K.C. Watch a version in Nepali (Illustration: The Like Minded/IIED)

A new animation from IIED shows how people in Nepal are already experiencing loss and damage from climate change and calls for urgent action to address the issue. 

IIED invited people from the least developed countries (LDCs) to share their experiences of climate impacts. This is the fourth animation in the series bringing their stories to life.

Shreya K.C. narrates how her family and community are experiencing the reality of loss and damage from climate change. She explains how rapidly melting glaciers in the high Himalayas are forming new lakes which, when breached, cause devastating floods that can sweep away entire villages.

Changing weather patterns are affecting vital food crops, hitting farming communities hard. In the cities, increasingly powerful monsoons flood people's homes and businesses. All these impacts are disrupting lives, exacerbating inequalities and contributing to social instability.

Globally, Nepal ranks fourth in terms of vulnerability to climate change. The mountainous country is a leader in preparing local adaptation plans and has been introducing practical measures to try to protect lives and communities. But the climate impacts are overwhelming.

The two-minute animation ends with Shreya K.C.’s call to world leaders to take urgent action and provide finance and technical support for the LDCs.

The video is being released in English and Nepali in the run-up to this year's international climate negotiations, COP27.

Commenting on the video, IIED senior researcher Brianna Craft said: "This new animation shows the daily reality of loss and damage caused by climate change in Nepal. The least developed countries are being hardest hit by these impacts despite having done the least to cause climate change and having the least resources to respond.

"We need urgent action to address loss and damage and agree adequate international finance to support the LDCs."

This is the fourth animation exploring climate-related loss and damage in the LDCs created by IIED and creative agency The Like Minded.

Animation of a man walking in flood water carrying a goat, and a cow

IIED's latest animation about climate loss and damage in Nepal is narrated by climate justice campaigner Shreya K.C. (Illustration: The Like Minded/IIED)

Holding world leaders to account 

Climate justice campaigner Shreya K.C. is a Youth Climate Change Champion for UNICEF South Asia. She is also an advisor for Nepalese Youth for Climate Action and works as a campaign coordinator for the youth-led organisation Mock COP

She recently wrote an IIED guest blog in which she details how climate change is affecting Nepal and calls on young people, especially those from the LDCs to hold world leaders to account for "the discrepancy between their speeches and their actions". 

Watch more animations 

Other animations in this series feature authors from the Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone and Rwanda discussing how climate-related loss and damage is changing their world:

The video series is part of IIED’s work programme on loss and damage.