LDC chair responds to the UNFCCC INDCs synthesis

The chair of the Least Developed Countries group, Mr Giza Gaspar-Martins of Angola, has responded to the UNFCCC's release of its synthesis of the INDCs submitted by the UNFCCC 1 October deadline.
Press release, 30 October 2015

The UNFCCC today released its synthesis of the INDCs submitted by the UNFCCC 1 October deadline. 

The chair of the Least Developed Countries Group, Mr Giza Gaspar-Martins of Angola, said of the synthesis: "Today's analysis from the UNFCCC shows the urgent need to address the lack of ambition within nationally determined mitigation plans of countries. The current plans will only slow emissions by a third, which is clearly not enough to keep us within safe limits.

"Governments must do more before Paris, but the work does not end there. For the INDCs to succeed they must be reviewed and adjusted before 2020 and in five-year cycles from 2020 to ensure action continues, or we all face a grim and uncertain future."

Giza added: "The current plans to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions do not keep us within the 'safe' temperature rise of 2°C. However, from a Least Developed Country perspective, it is far worse than that.

"For 48 of the world's most vulnerable countries, economic development, regional food security and ecosystems are at risk in this 2°C 'safe zone'. So we once again call on the world to grow its ambition for a 1.5°C target."


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Notes to editors

  • A total of 147 parties (75 per cent of all parties to the UNFCCC) responded to this invitation by 1 October 2015. Together, they represent approximately 86 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 
  • 147 parties corresponding to 146 countries submitted 119 INDCs by 1 October 2015. The INDC of the European Union and its 28 Member States is counted as one INDC representing 29 parties/28 countries
  • The INDCs can be viewed in full here.

About the Least Developed Countries: The LDCs are 48 nations that are especially vulnerable to climate change but have done the least to cause the problem. They work together at the intergovernmental negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to demand that wealthier nations act in accordance with their responsibility for creating the problem and their capability for addressing it. Find more details on the LDC Group website.

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