Businesses buying from non-green sources

Despite the global benefits to procuring goods and services from sustainable sources, including; reduced environmental impact, improved social responsibility, enhanced brand reputation, and reduced supply chain risks, this presents some hidden challenges to businesses, including sometimes higher cost. Others include:

  • Lack of availability: sustainable products and services may not be as widely available as their non-sustainable counterparts. It can be difficult to find suppliers who meet the required sustainability standards, especially in certain sectors or regions.
  • Complexity of measuring ‘green credentials’: procuring sustainable products and services can be complex, as businesses need to evaluate multiple factors such as environmental impact, social responsibility, and ethics. This can require additional resources and expertise they may not have.
  • Multiple standards: there are many different standards and certifications for sustainable products and services, which can be difficult to navigate. Businesses may struggle to choose the most appropriate standard for their needs or to ensure that their suppliers meet the required standards.
  • Supply chain transparency: sustainable sourcing requires a thorough understanding of the entire supply chain. This volume of checks can be challenging for businesses.
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Jon Sharman
, 19 July 2023

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