Supporting new climate change negotiators

Together with partner organisations, IIED aims to build and sustain capacity among developing country negotiators in the UN climate change negotiations. Here we highlight efforts to support delegates from the least developed countries, reflecting on lessons learned as our multi-year programme evolves.

The UN climate change negotiations are bewildering. IIED partners with ENDA Energie, the Prakriti Resources Centre, Legal Response International and the Women’s Environment & Development Organization to equip and empower new delegates from the least developed countries (LDCs) to engage in the UNFCCC decision-making process. We organise training workshops and offer direct support and mentoring, prioritising support to women. 

I am very pleased and proud of our new generation of negotiators who are taking an active part in the LDC prep meetings at #COP27. There is much we can learn from our younger members and we can be confident the interests of the group will be well defended now and into the future - Tweet by Madeleine Diouf Sarr

Here we highlight our ongoing efforts to support new climate negotiators, reflecting on lessons learned as our multi-year programme evolves. The programme currently draws on the generous support of Germany’s International Climate Initiative (IKI), the Gates Foundation, Irish Aid, the UK’s Climate Ambition Support Alliance (CASA) and the Climate Emergency Collaboration Group (CECG).

IIED is currently seeking funding to continue our work. Contact Brianna Craft for more information.