CBNRM and climate change


IIED is collaborating with WWF Zambia to study the linkages between community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) and climate change. Both partners are determining how best CBNRM can engage in climate change adaptation challenges. It is envisioned that this work will be used in the future plannign of climate change adaptation.

Assess the contribution of CBNRM to climate change and adaptation

Assess and identify linkages between climate change adaptation and CBNRM policies, institutions and practice

Identify case studies of local initiatives on climate change adaptation and how they have incorporated CBNRM

Provide lessons learnt from case studies

Identify organisations at national and regional level that can provide strategic partnerships with WWF Zambia's regional CBNRM forum for climate change engagement and programme development and highlight opportunities for the way forward


WWF Zambia and IIED


WWF Zambia

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