Annual reports 2001-2006

Our annual reports provide a comprehensive review of work and achievements over previous years.

Annual Report 2006 - natural resources
Natural resources make up a wide range of goods and services that are essential for human well-being and vital for development. The 2006 Annual Report focuses on IIED's work in this area; demonstrating plainly that investing in land and natural resources together with good management is the key to growing incomes and livelihoods.

Annual Report 2005 – climate change
The 2005 Annual Report focuses on the global challenge of climate change. IIED works to help poor people adapt to climate change, and get a fairer deal. This special annual report describes what we do and how we can work together to make progress.

Annual Report 2004 - Urban Matters, Urban Agenda
The 2004 Annual Report celebrates IIED's work in urban areas over the past 30 years through its Human Settlements programme. While this report may be unique in the emphasis given to one programme, the key attributes of Human Settlements - partnership, working with local institutions, strengthening voices from the South - are characteristic of work throughout the Institute

Annual Report 2003 - Bridging Environment & Development
IIED’s Annual Report for 2003 provides a comprehensive review of IIED’s work and achievements from our programmes over the past year, and of new areas into which we are delving: including the Millennium Development Goals, Global Governance, and Tourism for Sustainable Development.

Annual Report 2002
2002 was a remarkable year for IIED, culminating in the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg. WSSD provided a crucial focus for everyone concerned with environment and development during the past year. Now, following its completion, many players will be directing their work towards implementing the positive outcomes of the Summit and making good its deficiencies.

Annual Report 2001
30 years of making sustainable development work.