Annual Report 2012/13: sharing learning for change

Learning is at the heart of IIED's work: we place value on building our knowledge, creating the space to test out in practice what we have learnt and finding ways to bring people together to share ideas and experiences.


The annual report takes stock of what we did in 2012-13, highlighting what we have achieved – from the great event of Fair Ideas at Rio+20 in July 2012 and the international networks we have been part of, to the meetings of only a few people, but all with valuable local insights to contribute to problem solving or making a change.

This past year has shown us even more clearly that small amounts of funding to support local action can have remarkable results. These funds can give poor people a more effective voice, allowing them to play a stronger part in negotiations at all levels. We will take this knowledge, plus the learning and experiences we have shared with partners, into 2013/14 – the last in our current five-year strategic period.

Knowledge is the greatest tool for human progress but it won’t suffice – we also need leadership and determination to work together


– Julia Marton-leFèvre, head of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature