Susannah Fisher's blog posts

21 July 2016 |

How can urban planners deal with the unpredictable future impacts of climate change? IIED researchers visited two Indian cities to see how a learning-based approach can help.

18 July 2016 |

Assessing how climate change adaptation and development investments can strengthen local people's resilience to climate extremes.

27 March 2015 |

Climate negotiators are discussing how to set a global goal for climate change adaptation. It's important for the negotiators learn from experiences and evidence gained at country level – so they can develop a goal that reflects differing national realities.

14 January 2015 |

Including the perspectives and experiences of women and girls in monitoring and evaluation can lead to better outcomes for climate change adaptation measures, IIED research has found.

24 November 2014 |

Better information and more financial support are essential for poor countries to prepare for future impacts. Building consensus and providing up-to-date climate data could help countries develop their low carbon, climate resilient national plans, new research suggests.

11 March 2014 |

While many policymakers in the world's richest nations continue to deny the urgency of action on climate change, governments in the 48 least developed countries are pushing ahead with plans to adapt – or at least trying to.

19 February 2014 |

People who work on climate change policy often receive too much information, or struggle to access the right knowledge, in the right format, when they need it. Two kinds of organisations can help.

7 February 2014 |

Effective monitoring and evaluation of changes in community resilience that arise from both development and climate change resilience, can help Nepal can make smart moves to protect its people, says Susannah Fisher.

16 October 2013 |

Some of the least developed countries are at the forefront of an approach that combines efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change and achieve economic and social development.

10 July 2013 |

Is it fair to ask Bangladesh to adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How does the government view this approach?