Liz Carlile

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6 March 2015 |

IIED is keen to open up dialogue across the mining sector, including the voices of the marginalised. Here, Liz Carlile explores the importance of having a voice.

27 March 2014 |

Liz Carlile describes three activities that help IIED understand and engage with its diverse audiences. 

9 December 2013 |

Our review of the literature and in-depth interviews confirmed five top tips for success in putting social learning into practice, says Liz Carlile.

23 November 2012 |

Many development organisations fail to become true agents of change. Liz Carlile sets out some of the obstacles and asks how we can help bring hard science and local knowledge together to provide better solutions at the community level.

19 October 2012 |

We know that real change takes place when we learn by doing, and as development specialists we are all very good at telling people what to do. But as researchers and practitioners engaged in a shared learning process for change we still have a very long way to go.