Essam Yassin Mohammed's blog posts

14 September 2015 |

A Sustainable Development Goal for oceans, seas and marine resources is a significant milestone, but how will it be financed and who will benefit?

22 July 2015 |

The first official day of the decade for African Seas and Oceans provides a timely reason to think about how marine resources could better contribute to Africa's economy.

8 June 2015 |

On World Oceans Day, Essam Yassin Mohammed says it is time to rethink the way we look at the world's ocean resources.

15 April 2015 |

Calculating the economic value of a threatened wetland proved a turning point for IIED's Essam Mohammed. He argues the case for putting a value on nature to get your message across.

24 March 2015 |

A chance conversation with a Bangladeshi fisherman may have paid off.

1 October 2014 |

Could participants at the climate summit only see the colour green? How else can we explain the near total absence of the oceans from the programme and declarations, asks Essam Yassin Mohammed.

8 June 2014 |

When Essam Yassin Mohammed asked a former fisherman in Bangladesh how to protect a fish that feeds millions of people, he learnt about four overlooked factors that intensify threats to the species.

28 January 2014 |

Sustainable fisheries must be central to the new global development goals that all nations will pursue from 2015, says Essam Yassin Mohammed.

14 February 2013 |

Our oceans give us food and oxygen, regulate climate and offer untold riches, yet are in deep trouble. So what should a new Global Ocean Commission do about it?

7 June 2012 |

Without incentives to properly manage coastal and marine environments, these valuable resources will continue to deteriorate — with dire consequences for already impoverished communities.