Essam Yassin Mohammed's blog posts

11 July 2016 |

What does the Sustainable Development Goals' exhortion to 'leave no one behind' mean for a small-scale fishing community in Bangladesh? 

29 June 2016 |

The Istanbul Programme of Action sets out a roadmap for the world's poorest nations to climb the development ladder – but challenges hinder progress.

11 April 2016 |

Essam Yassin Mohammed reports back from the first round of a UN preparatory meeting to create an agreement on the sustainable use of marine biodiversity in the high seas.

4 April 2016 |

Compensation supports fisher families during a ban on hilsa fishing in Bangladesh – but a visit to a family in Govinda exposes the harsh realities of income loss.

15 February 2016 |

Falling oil prices might be benefiting the UK economy, but are the world's fish stocks paying the price?

14 September 2015 |

A Sustainable Development Goal for oceans, seas and marine resources is a significant milestone, but how will it be financed and who will benefit?

22 July 2015 |

The first official day of the decade for African Seas and Oceans provides a timely reason to think about how marine resources could better contribute to Africa's economy.

8 June 2015 |

On World Oceans Day, Essam Yassin Mohammed says it is time to rethink the way we look at the world's ocean resources.

15 April 2015 |

Calculating the economic value of a threatened wetland proved a turning point for IIED's Essam Mohammed. He argues the case for putting a value on nature to get your message across.

24 March 2015 |

A chance conversation with a Bangladeshi fisherman may have paid off.