David Satterthwaite's blog posts

12 October 2015 |

The new development framework lays out a groundbreaking vision on the common good. But it doesn't say enough about how this is to be achieved, by whom and with what funding.

8 September 2015 |

If the world delivers on the Sustainable Development Goals, will IIED be out of a job?

31 March 2015 |

Ahead of the Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa, David Satterthwaite highlights the disconnect that exists between the commitments made by national governments at international conferences and finance available for the (mostly local) institutions that can meet them.

16 January 2015 |

Why is there so little data on who faces poverty and where they live?

6 November 2014 |

The IPCC's Fifth Assessment gets the importance of understanding and acting on urbanisation.

9 July 2014 |

The latest draft of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets contains a stunning list of commitments, but fails to address how we will achieve them. 

18 June 2014 |

Yet another global study has understated the scale and depth of urban poverty, by failing to appreciate the differences between rural and urban contexts.

12 June 2014 |

Research in several countries shows how governments and development agencies undercount the scale and depth of urban poverty, writes David Satterthwaite.

27 May 2014 |

For 40 years, Barbara Ward, who would have been 100 on 23 May, set out the case for a fairer, more just world system – in her 14 books, in what she wrote as a staff member and later an editor of The Economist, in many newspaper articles (especially in the Washington Post) and in her speeches.

16 April 2014 |

Around a billion people live in informal urban settlements that lack essential services and security. So, with the international community about to agree on a new set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) for all nations to pursue from 2015, the concerns of these people should be high on the agenda.