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A forest ranger takes measurements of a tree at Megeni Kitasha in the Rombo District in Moshi, Tanzania (Photo: FAO/Simon Maina)
IIED and its partners will be at this year's World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa, from 7-11 September 2015
The Independent Expert Group has produced a series of publications (Image: IIED)
Since its creation in 2013, the Least Developed Countries Independent Expert Group (IEG) has provided an independent voice for sustainable development of LDCs, contributing ideas, expertise and challenges to international debates
Participants of the CBA9 conference in Kenya in 2015 (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)
The Global Initiative on Community-Based Adaptation (GICBA) initiative was launched by IIED in 2010 to allow collaboration between organisations and individuals working on community-based adaptation to climate change