CBA7: 7th conference on community-based adaptation to climate change

Over 250 participants attended IIED’s 7th community-based adaptation to climate change conference (CBA7) in Dhaka, Bangladesh in April 2013, with many more taking part virtually through a live blog which featured live web streamed video, comments and social media. The conference shared the latest thinking on approaches for mainstreaming community-based adaptation into international, national and local planning and processes.

Catch up on the highlights (including comments, blogs, social media coverage and more) from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 of CBA7 and watch interviews below with speakers and participants.

CBA7 video interviews

The interviews are included in a playlist – click on the playlist and scroll through to see all the videos available to watch.

Plenary session recordings, April 2013

Missed the webcast? Watch all 42 plenary session recordings on our YouTube playlist.

Feeling overwhelmed? A programme of events is available to download so you can see who spoke when to help you decide which webcasts to watch.

Powerpoint presentations and photos

See presentations on SlideShare

Gallery of photos from the event on Flickr


CBA8: 8th International conference on community-based adaptation to climate change

The theme of CBA8 will be financing community-based adaptation and will be be held in Nepal in 2014. 

See archive for information about previous conferences.