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12 Nov 2014  |  Energy, Natural resource management, Sustainable markets
Artisanal and small-scale miners informally produce 15-20 per cent of the world's gold and 80 per cent of its sapphires. Yet the sector faces complex problems. IIED and its partners have...
11 Feb 2014  |  Energy, Poverty
Abbi Buxton reports on efforts to overcome distrust and conflict between artisanal and large-scale mining operations, through an international project that will bring the two sides...
12 Dec 2012  |  Energy, Poverty, Sustainable markets
What are the barriers to engaging small-scale producers and low-income consumers, and how can private sector interventions be improved to reach the poorest?
06 Sep 2012  |  Food and agriculture, Sustainable markets
New deals between flower-growers in Kenya and big retailers such as Walmart offer African farmers a chance to expand.
18 Jun 2012  |  Sustainable markets
When stakeholders at IIED's Fair Ideas conference in Rio discussed how the mining industry has fared in meeting the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development initiative (MMSD) agenda...
13 Jun 2012  |  Policy and planning, Sustainable markets
It is rare for a controversial industry to engage with its critics, seek advice and pledge positive action for sustainable development.
07 Jun 2012  |  Sustainable markets
Ten years ago, the mining industry, in collaboration with the IIED, set out to explore how it could maximise its contribution to sustainable development through the Mining, Minerals and...
11 Mar 2011  |  Governance, Natural resource management
Issues of transparency and anti-corruption are front and centre following recent events in the Middle East. The timing of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative 5th Global...
18 Feb 2011  |  Sustainable markets, Natural resource management
This week saw the launch of Fairtraded and Fairmined gold in the UK. Twenty companies in the UK will use the gold and even Kate Middleton — recently betrothed to Prince William — may get a...
02 Feb 2011  |  Food and agriculture
As a consumer you have the potential to promote development through your buying habits. But how effective are you?