Review of the legislative base for investments in oil and gas sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Executive Summary (in Russian/Русский)

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Published: January 2010
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Kazakhstan has vast amounts of natural mineral and raw resources, making it a key priority for the Kazakhstani economy. It ranks number two in the world for deposits of uranium, chrome, lead and zinc, number three for manganese, number five for copper and in the top ten for coal, iron and gold. The country also has an advantageous geographical location between East and West, along with a competent labour force, qualified specialists and professionals, and good industrial potential. It is proving attractive to domestic and foreign investment. Attraction to foreign investors is only possible through the development of the necessary legislative framework, and the fact that billions of dollars have been invested, mostly in mineral and raw materials, confirms the existence of this framework.

This is an executive summary of the article of the same name by Suleimenov and Osipov.