IIED’s values

IIED’s values are central to the work we do, and how we do that work. Prior to the launch of our manifesto in May 2024, we revisited our institutional values and co-created this evolved set together. 

A circle of people smiling, some with hands in the air.

Participants collaborate at the Development and Climate Days (D&C Days) in Dubai, 2023 (Photo: IIED)

We reviewed and rewrote our core organisational values to ensure they are fit for the future. 

IIED has a collaborative culture that thrives on teamwork and consultation, so we brought this approach to developing this new set of values. The process involved all IIED staff, along with associates, board members and Southern partners.

The result is a set of  values that are shaped and owned by everyone, and can be used by individuals, teams and partners. They underpin our ethos and code of conduct, and define our vision for how IIED exists in the world.

Our six values


We prioritise wellbeing and care towards each other, our partners and collaborators, marginalised groups and the planet.

Respect and dignity  

We build mutual trust and respect local knowledge. We act transparently and with integrity and treat each other with consideration.  

Justice and fairness

We address social, economic and environmental injustices and unfair power dynamics, embedding decoloniality principles in our everyday actions and outputs.

Ethical partnership  

We proactively seek to collaborate with others, break down silos and share power with our partners.  

Transformative change

We do everything we can to deliver impactful and systemic change that addresses major environmental, economic and social challenges and inequity.  

Inclusion and equity

We approach gender justice and anti-racism through an intersectional lens, where equity and inclusion are championed through daily active allyship.

Guiding principles

Each of our six core values has a set of guiding principles that define how they work in practice. Some are focused on the way we treat colleagues, some are particularly relevant to how we work with our partners, and others look to the wider world that IIED was set up to serve. 

Examples are:

  • Respect and dignity: “Working with sincerity, humility and integrity”
  • Equitable partnership: "Respect diversity" and "Inclusive decision-making"
  • Transformative change: “Conducting rigorous, innovative, action research to challenge the status quo and catalyse change”

Our values in context

Our values set out how we work together as people and partners. Our policies, based on similar principles, set out how we work as an organisation. They cover areas such as race, gender, representation, the environment, and research integrity and ethics. Read our list of IIED policies

Our manifesto outlines our strategy for the coming years. This strategic work will be underpinned by our values.