Wanted: Climate consultant to work on the LIFE-AR 10-year strategy

A consultant is sought for the development of scenarios and pathways for the fulfilment of the 10-year strategy for the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Initiative for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (LIFE-AR).

Article, 27 October 2022

The role would suit someone with seven to 10 years’ experience in developing pathways for causal and strategic change, and adaptive management programming and knowledge and experience of climate adaptation and resilience programmes in LDCs.

LIFE-AR is a LDC-led and driven initiative, which serves as one of the primary vehicles for delivering the LDC 2050 Vision (PDF) for a climate-resilient future. 

This vision is for LDCs to be on climate-resilient development pathways by 2030 and deliver net-zero by 2050. The LDC Vision includes commitments of what LDCs are willing to do to achieve the vision, their ‘offer’, as well as an ‘ask’ to the international community on how they can support LDCs effectively.  

The purpose of this consultant assignment is to develop scenarios to achieve the fulfilment of the LIFE-AR ten-year strategy.   

This includes pathways for transition to an LDC-owned LIFE-AR platform, and scenarios for budget provision to countries to ensure financial support is provided for countries to move at their own pace through the respective LIFE-AR phases (establishment, test and evolve, and scale-up). 

The work should build on existing work, including the standard operating procedures, budget development and theory of change.   

The study will also unpack critical risks and assumptions made in the scenarios and pathways noted above, consider what thresholds are needed and the management options at different points. This will help outline the functions and services required of the interim secretariat to ensure successful transition through the respective phases and pathways. 

In brief

  • Consultancy position 
  • 40 days, to start as soon as possible and end in April 2023
  • Apply before 23 November 2022

How to apply

Read the terms of reference (PDF) and apply by sending the application form in Annex 1 via email to lifear.iied@gmail.com before Monday, 14 November 2022.

You can also request a Word document to complete by emailing lifear.iied@gmail.com.