Wanted: Board members for IIED Europe

IIED Europe is seeking three new members for its supervisory board. They must be based in the European Union and have experience of working in international sustainable development.

Article, 27 April 2023

Three new members of the IIED Europe supervisory board are being sought. Applicants must be based in the European Union and have experience of working in, or a demonstrable interest in, international sustainable development. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are particularly welcomed.

Strong candidates will have relevant and wide-ranging strategic experience, preferably including a previous trustee role with a not-for-profit organisation. Ideal candidates will have an excellent grasp of the spaces IIED Europe seeks to influence and be able to demonstrate how they can help steer the organisation through future challenges. Especially desirable areas of expertise and networks are:

  1. Just transition within the EU: realising the aims of the Green Deal and other policy commitments
  2. Global just transition, and the role of Europe in the rest of the world, and
  3. Finance, human resources (employment law), risk management and organisational development.

For areas 1 and 2, IIED Europe requires broad understanding of policy and practice in key areas (such as climate change, ecological systems, natural resource use, urban development) and in various sectors (including government, private sector, social movements).

About IIED Europe

IIED Europe is an exciting new independent policy and research organisation based in the Netherlands. Working with international partners, it generates and communicates compelling evidence on tackling the world’s greatest environment and development challenges – including how European policies and actors impact the Majority World. By connecting people, places and perspectives, it creates a rich and informed space to surface urgent, transformational and just responses.

Meet our team

IIED Europe’s development director, Alexandre Fernandes, is currently building a team which should comprise seven staff by the end of the year.

The supervisory board and management board are made up of experts in sustainable development in various fields. See the current board profiles, policy plan and financial accounts.

IIED Europe Global Research Priority Tracker

Over eight months in 2022 IIED Europe carried out an ambitious horizon scanning project, to build better understanding of how the EU – its policies, institutions, enterprises and banks, and its countries and citizens – is influencing environmental and socio-economic development in Majority World countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

IIED Europe has developed a searchable database that allows access to the 230 research priorities for practical use by researchers, policymakers and funders around the world to build their understanding of which research topics the Majority World actors would like the EU to focus its research and funding on.

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