Sian Lewis's blog posts

15 December 2016 |

At an IIED-hosted event, financiers, decision makers, practitioners and researchers tackled three key questions on how to get climate finance to where it's needed most.

30 March 2016 |

What does it mean to 'formalise' the informal sector? Discussions at an informality event with our partners revealed some of the barriers to successful formalisation and examples of what works.

10 March 2016 |

An event on the informal sector and the green economy established six principles for a new policy agenda on inclusive green growth.

30 October 2015 |

To coincide with World Cities Day on 31 October, our urban photo gallery shows how we are working with partners to document and highlight the often neglected circumstances in low-income urban communities, and to advocate for change.

11 June 2015 |

To better understand the wide range of people who depend on gold mining, IIED travelled to Tanzania to talk to some of them. Here are some of their stories.

29 April 2015 |

Diverse stakeholders from across the world of gold mining share a long-term vision of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) as a functional business sector.

24 April 2015 |
Images from Geita District in northwest Tanzania show the diverse range of people that depend on gold mining for their livelihood.
30 May 2012 |

Development strategies aimed at supporting young people in small-scale farming cannot afford to limit themselves to issues of land and production.