Seth Cook's blog posts

22 May 2018 |

Coinciding with this year’s International Day for Biodiversity, a new report from IIED and Hivos explores how we can reverse the alarming loss of biodiversity in agriculture and foster diverse diets.

10 October 2017 |

Although our food systems seemingly deliver impressive abundance and variety, we are losing crucial agricultural biodiversity and our increasingly homogenised diets are leading to disease and obesity. Seth Cook sets out five steps for better, more diverse food systems.

5 June 2017 |

As a recent meeting in Lusaka showed, Food Change Labs offer an innovative path towards greater diversity on the farm and on the plate in Zambia.

14 October 2016 |

As World Food Day approaches, Seth Cook explores the dangers of losing local crop and animal varieties and what we can do about it.

23 March 2016 |

A growing trend towards sustainable food offers hope for addressing environmental, social and food safety concerns associated with China's food system.

26 March 2015 |

The environmental impacts of China's agricultural production affect not just China, but also the global environment. An IIED and China Agricultural University workshop explored examples and models that could help promote sustainable agricultural practices in China.