Paolo Cravero's blog posts

21 December 2015 |

Communities in Nairobi’s informal settlements are creating and using maps to ensure their food and the people who sell it are safe. Our interactive long read explains how and why

11 December 2015 |

An innovative research project in Fort Portal, Uganda is seeking to prevent a rise in inequality as the city modernises.

5 November 2015 |

Street-food vendors' businesses are often threatened in the name of progress, but a new initiative from IIED and Hivos is looking to bridge the divide, protecting livelihoods and an important source of cheap food. 

24 June 2015 |

One in three urban citizens in Asia and Africa live in informal settlements. It's time to consider their priorities when shaping urban food security policies.

23 February 2015 |

The growing number of people living in cities – and changes in rural-urban linkages – are re-shaping our relationship with food. Policymakers need to take note.