Kate Wilson's blog posts

11 February 2016 |

As Valentine's Day approaches, IIED is feeling the love in the responses to a publications survey – but there are also valuable lessons to be learned.

27 April 2015 |

Our four-day international conference on community-based adaptation to climate change starts today (27 April) in Nairobi, Kenya, and members of IIED's communication team will be on the ground throughout, keeping those unable to attend up to date and sharing the latest news and developments in community based adaptation.

16 May 2014 |

We need to strengthen the capacity of people with disabilities so they can access the resources needed to adapt to climate change, says the Kathmandu Declaration that was launched last month.

29 April 2014 |

Is a problem shared a problem halved? This is the question that sprang to mind this week in Nepal when I met with fellow field trip participants ahead of the 8th international conference on community based adaptation to climate change (CBA8). 

28 March 2014 |

What's next for schemes that pay communities to protect local ecosystems? This is what leading researchers and practitioners in the field came together to discuss at IIED's conference in Edinburgh last week.