Gordon McGranahan's blog posts

7 June 2016 |

Ahead of next week's dialogue event on the challenges and opportunities posed to Least Developed Countries by the Sustainable Development Goals, Gordon McGranahan examines how cities and urbanisation can contribute greatly to attaining development goals.

2 March 2016 |

Efforts to better accommodate rural migrants moving to cities could play an important part in resolving conflicts in the 2030 Agenda and ensuring no-one is left behind.

28 October 2015 |

In the run-up to World Cities Day, with its theme of 'living together', an IIED, IDS and UNFPA workshop will examine why the migration that helps to create cities is so often resisted, and how a more inclusive urbanisation can be achieved. Gordon McGranahan raises six key questions. 

4 March 2015 |

Drawing on a recently published paper in 'World Development', Gordon McGranahan considers why, given we seem to have the know-how, there are still so many people in cities without decent sanitation.

16 September 2014 |

Our new interactive data visualisation plots countries' incomes per capita against their levels of urbanisation.