Andrew Norton's blog posts

1 June 2016 |

Action in policy and practice is needed to ensure the many benefits from oceans, seas and coasts are available to all.

13 May 2016 |

An estimated 54.5 per cent of the world's population live in urban areas, compared with 37.9 per cent 40 years ago. In this context, can Habitat III deliver the 'new urban agenda' we need?

3 March 2016 |

As Christiana Figueres stands down as executive secretary to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, IIED director Andrew Norton argues the time is right for an LDC representative to take the reins.

18 January 2016 |

New figures show an overall decline in aid to the world's Least Developed Countries, yet commitments made in Paris and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda call for more aid, not less.

4 January 2016 |

Building on the historic agreement forged in Paris, IIED's director Andrew Norton looks at the opportunities to ensure global agreements on the need for sustainable development reach the local level.

14 December 2015 |

A historic agreement on climate change in Paris must drive ambition for climate action post-2015, says IIED director Andrew Norton.

17 November 2015 |

There is much debate as to whether the Paris climate summit can deliver an adequate response to the challenge of climate change. In the wake of the tragedy of last Friday's attacks in the French capital, Andrew Norton pays tribute to France's efforts to secure an ambitious agreement and hopes for success.

10 September 2015 |

The Sustainable Development Goals, to be agreed in New York later this month, are a key step on the road to a climate agreement in Paris in December, but must set the agenda for resilient low carbon development beyond Paris to 2030.

4 September 2015 |

The Syrian crisis has been described as the worst humanitarian emergency since the Second World War. It is time to put aside the semantics of migrants versus refugees, and face up to the human suffering as a global community. 

20 July 2015 |

IIED's director Andrew Norton reflects on the Financing for Development conference in Addis and the challenge of 'universality'.

13 July 2015 |

Halting planetary warming is fundamental. But as we find safe and affordable solutions to our future society's energy needs, how could we build a world that is more equal and more democratic?