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  • The Retiro district of Buenos Aires features affluent shopping and business areas close to a large shanty town where many homes don't have running water (Photo: Mark Edwards/IIED)

    Urbanisation and the environment

    Growing urban affluence tends to have profound environmental consequences, but the net impact depends heavily on how the transition is managed. IIED worked to identify the best means of making urbanisation more environmentally beneficial and less destructive

    16 July 2015 | Project | Poverty
  • Wilton Park will host a conference exploring the fast-evolving views of the green economy concept next week

    Conference explores ways to bridge varied visions of ‘green economy’ to foster inclusive growth within environmental limits

    Business leaders, politicians and representatives of international financial institutions, UN agencies, think tanks and non-governmental organisations will meet next week to explore fast-evolving views of the green economy concept.

    20 February 2014 | News | Green economy
  • Seeds carefully picked from a pile of rotting and old beans in Mali.

    Food waste: can grassroots initiatives stop us throwing good food in the bin?

    Almost half the food the world produces is thrown away. Reducing food waste is an economic, ethical and environmental challenge which grassroots initiatives are starting to address.

    4 June 2013 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Pastoralists pull water from a well near Denan in the Somali Region of Ethiopia for their camels. (Photo: Andrew Heavens, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Pastoralism and policy training: addressing misconceptions and improving knowledge

    Pastoralists are one of the most researched, yet least understood, groups in the world. Policy consistently ignores both scientific evidence for sustainable pastoralism and the strategies and institutions local people use to turn the diversity and unpredictability of the drylands to their advantage. 

    17 December 2012 | Project | Climate change
  • Earth Summit 2012: Crucial opportunity that needs broader buy-in

    As shoppers in New York surged through streets and avenues bedecked with festive offerings, delegates from around the world were summoning up the collective will to make something of the crucial opportunity presented by the Earth Summit in Rio

    20 December 2011 | Blog | Green economy
  • REDD: Protecting climate, forests and livelihoods

    Deforestation is a global issue. Beyond its destructive impacts on biodiversity and the livelihoods of forest-dependent people, it is a major driver of climate change and accounts for roughly a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions. REDD — 'reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation' — could offer a way forward, as IIED's growing body of REDD research and reports reflects.

    14 May 2009 | Article | Forests
  • Review of strategic environmental assessment

    The strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of policies, plans and programmes is a rapidly evolving field.

    28 April 2008 | Project | Policy and planning
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