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  • Has agriculture been a winner in the economic downturn?

    While the downturn has hit many economic sectors hard, have farmers prospered?

    14 June 2010 | Blog | Economics
  • Staying south – trade, aid, and the recession

    In the global recession, have so called ‘emerging' economies got a toehold in the trade, aid, and investment big-league?

    30 March 2010 | Blog | Economics
  • How piracy off the Horn holds thousands hostage

    Pirates off the Horn of Africa — a 21st-century hotspot of maritime hit-and-run — are usually reported as victimising the crews of yachts or oil tankers straying into ‘their’ territory. The ordeal suffered by British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler is a case in point.

    8 February 2010 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • Bushmeat stew: complexities of a shadowy trade

    It’s hard for some to imagine sitting down to a meal of baboon, green monkey and warthog meat.

    1 February 2010 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Eat your greens at Christmas

    Will your last-minute shopping for holiday feasts bring peace, joy and livelihood security to the world’s poorest? Your Christmas dinner plate could be piled high with support for the poor.

    21 December 2009 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • The myth of ‘de-coupling’ as poor catch the recession cold

    When did it start to sink in that poor countries are highly vulnerable to the impacts of the global recession?

    20 December 2009 | Blog | Economics
  • The Ring alliance

    The Ring was an alliance of 13 established and renowned policy research organisations promoting sustainable development through collaborative research, dissemination and policy advocacy.

    29 September 2008 | Project | Sustainable markets
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