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Sustainable Utilisation of Nigeria’s Gas and Renewable Energy Resources (SUNGAS)

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  • Woman silhouetted in front of gas flare

    SUNGAS: Ensuring sustainable energy access in Nigeria

    The SUNGAS project brought partners together to ensure access to energy and community-based energy facilities in some of the poorest communities in Nigeria

    20 October 2020 | Project | Energy
  • Privatising Nigeria’s power sector

    The fumes of Lagos are fuelled by cheap petrol. Nigerians are more addicted than most – not only to their cars, but also to the millions of fuel-guzzling privately-owned generators powering homes and businesses. About two-thirds of all electricity produced in Nigeria is created by ‘backyard’ generators — at a cost to families and businesses of (US) $13 billion a year. They are used because the electricity grid is broken; electricity generation capacity is woefully below demand.

    27 January 2012 | Blog | Energy
  • Business models for sustainable development

    Market-based activities are now recognised by governments, business and development agencies round the world as potential solutions to major sustainable development challenges – reducing poverty, enhancing livelihoods, protecting ecosystems, tackling climate change, and meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

    10 May 2010 | Article | Energy
  • Energy and sustainable development

    The world is facing an energy crisis with major global and local implications. Energy issues need to be addressed holistically, based on integrated models and approaches and involving multiple stakeholders. IIED's work on energy currently focuses on two key areas: governance of large-scale energy sector development (oil, gas, biofuels); and models for delivery of sustainable decentralised energy services.

    30 September 2008 | Article | Energy
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