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  • Two women sitting in a field

    No room for manoeuvre: debt prevents investing in the future

    This case study highlights the challenges that farmers in Malawi face when trying to intensify their agricultural production. It focuses on smallholder farmers in the Mwansambo area of Central Malawi. Mwansambo and neighbouring areas are important food and cash crop producing regions. But despite decades of agricultural development interventions, farmers are still struggling to feed their families and invest in sustainable land management

    26 April 2020 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • Women harvesting vegetables in Shanggula village, Guangxi province, China, can share lessons on sustainable farming with the rest of the world (Photo: Simon Lim)

    Nurturing the shoots of China's sustainable agriculture

    A growing trend towards sustainable food offers hope for addressing environmental, social and food safety concerns associated with China's food system

    23 March 2016 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • A farmer in a buckwheat field close to harvest time in Gansu Province, China. The country's agriculture is currently facing major environmental challenges (Photo: Han Jianping)

    Sustainable agriculture in China: then and now

    The environmental impacts of China's agricultural production affect not just China, but also the global environment. An IIED and China Agricultural University workshop explored examples and models that could help promote sustainable agricultural practices in China

    26 March 2015 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Matoke sellers in Uganda. Photo: Bill Vorley

    Small producer agency in the globalised market

    What are the strategies and constraints of small-scale producers in an era of globalisation? This project has provided insights that can help in designing better policies and business interventions to support them.

    14 May 2013 | Project | Food and agriculture
  • Farmers sort tomatoes in Ethiopia.

    How small-scale farmers make markets work for them

    Our new book shines light on how small-scale farmers are making their choices — about how to modernise appropriately, and about balancing costs, risks, benefits and uncertainties.

    28 November 2012 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Responding to the realities of rural youth

    Across the developing world, rural youth are turning their back on small-scale agriculture. Fed up with limited access to markets, assets finance and infrastructure in rural areas — and lured by the thought of better jobs elsewhere — young people are increasingly choosing a mobile livelihood, moving to and from bigger rural towns or cities and combining a series of income-generating activities, in both rural and urban areas.

    31 May 2012 | News | Food and agriculture
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