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  • This map of the covered and open drains in Jamshed Town, Karachi  illustrates how communities have led on installing sewers and drains (Image: Orangi Pilot Project–Research and Training Institute)

    Reducing risks in urban centres: think 'local, local, local'

    Urban centres can be among the world's most healthy places to live and work – but many are among the least. How healthy they are is powerfully influenced by local government competence, local information, and support for local action

    8 May 2017 | Blog | Urban
  • Raipur in Central India is developing into a major urban centre, but the infrastructure in the city's expanding informal settlements is poor (Photo: India Water Portal, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Addressing the needs of vulnerable groups in urban areas

    For the billion urban dwellers living in informal settlements, there are many risks – for instance, from contaminated water, to accidental fires, to flooding. Those who are more susceptible to these or less able to cope are termed vulnerable. But they are not vulnerable if the risks are removed. We need  to focus more on removing the risks and less on endless lists of 'vulnerable groups', argues David Satterthwaite

    26 April 2017 | Blog | Urban
  • Deepwater Horizon one year on: what has the oil industry learned?

    A year ago today, the oil industry was shaken by a blowout on the Deepwater Horizon rig, 1500 metres deep in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion killed 11 people and spilled 200 million gallons of oil. BP’s bill – over US$8 billion to date – is expected to reach US$32 billion after all damage claims have been made.BP wasn’t solely responsible for the spill. BP’s contractors were also held to task, including Transocean, the rig owner; Halliburton, who did the cement job; and Cameron International, who built the blowout preventer. The incident highlighted the complexity – and vulnerability – of today’s oil and gas contracting arrangements.IIED’s new report Shared value, shared responsibility: a new approach to managing oil and gas contracting chains argues that a shift in industry culture is required to manage the challenges posed by complex chains of oil and gas contractors in increasingly risk-laden environments.

    20 April 2011 | Blog | Energy
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