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  • Like many East African cities, Rwanda's capital Kigali faces the challenges of rapid growth and insufficient infrastructure (Photo: Kigali Wire, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Why low-carbon urban development in African cities makes economic sense

    City governments in East Africa are grappling with rapid urbanisation and widespread poverty. Pursuing low-carbon urban development could offer a many of benefits

    1 April 2016 | Blog | Climate change
  • Three views on how to save a planet under pressure

    If someone had peeked into room seven at the Excel centre yesterday they would have seen small groups clustered around tables talking animatedly and scribbling notes onto large pieces of paper. They were part of a World Café session discussing how to ensure poor people can benefit from the green economy.

    27 March 2012 | Blog | Green economy
  • UN climate chief Christiana Figueres calls for an “energy revolution”

    New technologies and the involvement of the private sector are needed to tackle climate change emissions and power the world said Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the

    9 March 2012 | Blog | Climate change
  • A new President: what does this mean for Bulgaria’s energy sector?

    On 23 January 2012, Bulgaria’s new President, Rosen Plevneliev, will start his new job.

    17 January 2012 | Blog | Energy
  • Study sheds light on how public-private partnerships can bring renewable energy to the poorest

    A report published by IIED today (29 July) examines how governments, donors and businesses can work together to provide poor communities with low-carbon energy supplies.

    29 July 2011 | News | Energy
  • How to scale up sustainable energy: answers from the Ashden Awards

    All sorts of sustainable energy initiatives across the world are providing solutions to local energy problems. But how can these be scaled up to reach billions of people and really tackle the big issues of climate change and energy access for all? This was the question on everyone’s lips at the Ashden Awards conference last week. And there was a lot to learn from the five international finalists. In a series of films, presentations and discussions each finalist shared their experience of creating new technologies, innovative business models and inspirational marketing initiatives to find solutions that benefit the environment and improve livelihoods. And, despite working against a backdrop of financial limitations and unsupportive policy environments, they are all managing to scale up at a fantastic rate.

    21 June 2011 | Blog | Energy
  • Renewables, why bother?

    For much of the developing world producing clean energy that also mitigates carbon emissions is a very low priority. After all, why should countries that haven't significantly contributed to climate change worry about reducing their relatively tiny carbon emissions? In any case who would pay for it all?

    4 August 2010 | Blog | Climate change
  • Business models for sustainable development

    Market-based activities are now recognised by governments, business and development agencies round the world as potential solutions to major sustainable development challenges – reducing poverty, enhancing livelihoods, protecting ecosystems, tackling climate change, and meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

    10 May 2010 | Article | Energy
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