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  • Oil platforms

    Will COVID-19 leave fuel-rich African countries gasping for breath?

    As coronavirus takes its toll on Africa’s oil and gas-reliant economies, Dr Fatima Denton asks if recovery could herald an era of bold new thinking on economic diversification to reduce reliance on natural resources

    27 April 2020 | Blog | Economics
  • Managing risks and opportunities in oil and gas industry contracting chains

    In this project we investigated the relationships between multinational oil and gas companies and their local contractors. We focused on the environmental and social performance of local contractors and the ways in which multinational oil and gas companies can ensure that sustainable development principles are adhered to along the supply chain.

    1 October 2010 | Project | Energy
  • Governance of oil and gas contracts in Kazakhstan

    This project aimed to enhance the stability of the oil and gas investment climate in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project identified critical issues and developed policy recommendations for increasing long-term investment stability in the oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan

    23 September 2010 | Project | Energy
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