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  • aerial view of an oil palm plantation

    Land rights and investment treaties

    Commercial land concessions may be protected under international investment treaties, with important implications for local land relations. Securing land rights requires tackling these global dimensions

    7 May 2020 | Project | Land acquisitions and rights
  • A large group of people sitting in a circle outdoors

    Democratising international investment law

    There are growing calls to reform international investment law, but how can we ensure that the people affected by these decisions are part of the debate?

    7 May 2020 | Project | Economics
  • An open pit mine

    Realigning investment contracts with sustainable development

    Investment contracts – from land concessions to production sharing agreements for oil and gas projects – define the terms of an investment and influence the distribution of its costs and benefits. The process to conclude the contracts influences who has what say, when and how. IIED works with partners to rethink these legal documents and the process through which they are formulated

    6 May 2020 | Project | Economics
  • A farmer standing in a field holds a mobile phone to her ear

    Webinar: Using technology to increase market and finance access for smallholders

    IIED hosted a webinar on 24 March 2020 to discuss an experience of linking smallholder farmers to targeted services and buyers and to strengthen their position with other actors

    4 March 2020 | Event | Food and agriculture
  • A young man on a hillside, planting a tree.

    When investors go green

    Pernille Holtedahl unpacks the growing appetite for green bonds and suggests this is a movement driven by the broader public – not just business

    18 November 2019 | Blog | Economics
  • A shoal of fish

    IIED launches new 'Insights' series linking business and sustainability

    IIED has today released the first in a new series that will deliver practical evidence and strategic insights to support businesses and investors as they address environment and development challenges

    2 October 2019 | News | Sustainable markets
  • a turtle

    Navigating ocean investments

    In the first of a new series of ‘Insights’ case studies designed to highlight links between business and sustainability, IIED looks at a business model that could be the key to bridging the marine conservation funding gap.

    1 October 2019 | Article | Economics
  • A women with a basket on her head watches other women and children pick green beans in a field

    IIED webinar: Rebalancing power in global food chains

    Join our latest webinar on 19 June 2019 to discuss an experience of tackling challenges affecting farmers and workers in a global value chain

    30 May 2019 | News | Food and agriculture
  • Seedlings. Impact investing directs investment capital to enterprises delivering positive environmental and social impacts, and could play an important role in financing sustainable development (Photo: Geoff Maddock, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Business as usual – or business with purpose?

    As we launch our new strategy, Laura Kelly, director of IIED’s Shaping Sustainable Markets research group, considers how the private sector can respond to development and environmental challenges – and how IIED can support business to deliver positive change

    17 April 2019 | Blog | Economics
  • A man from Malawi holds cotton in his hands

    IIED webinar: Incentive-based contract farming and agricultural commodities exchanges

    Join our webinar on 3 October 2018 to discuss experiences of supporting farmers in contract farming arrangements

    17 September 2018 | News | Food and agriculture
  • Farmers loading tea leaves in Malawi (Photo credit: nchenga nchenga, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Empowering Producers in Commercial Agriculture (EPIC)

    EPIC aims to empower rural producers and their wider communities to influence public decisions and private sector conduct in favour of bottom-up, locally beneficial and more sustainable investments in commercial agriculture.

    3 May 2018 | Project | Law
  • Construction of Hyderabad’s new metro. The first phase, covering 30km and 24 stations, opened in November 2017 (Photo: banjaxx, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Financing sustainable infrastructure: a tale of two cities

    How can cities in poor countries raise funds for major infrastructure projects? Sarah Colenbrander and Denise Chan look at two success stories and suggest how local governments can build their financial skills and credibility with investors

    9 January 2018 | Blog | Economics
  • Informal settlements like this one in Jakarta often lack clean water supplies, waste collection or decent housing. There is an urgent need for investment in basic services and infrastructure (Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

    Are impact investors missing a trick by overlooking local communities?

    Guest blogger Katharina Neureiter explores whether impact investors are missing a trick by not engaging with community groups

    7 September 2017 | Blog | Economics
  • A gate blocks access to the customary lands of the Long Teran Kanan people in Sarawack. Malaysia has seen a huge expansion of oil palm plantations backed by international investors. The customary rights of local people are often ignored (Photo: Wakx, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Investment treaties, land rights and a shrinking planet

    Commercial land concessions may be protected under international investment law. Lorenzo Cotula argues that securing land rights requires tackling these global dimensions

    8 July 2015 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • The rich landscape of the Wolayita region in Southern Ethiopia highlights the country's huge potential (Photo: Rod Waddington, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Why parliament should scrutinise the UK-Ethiopia BIT

    The House of Commons has been debating the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). But will the UK parliament use its powers to debate a bilateral investment treaty signed with Ethiopia?

    19 January 2015 | Blog | Law
  • A group of men having a discussion

    Legal tools: sharing lessons from innovation

    Around the world, citizens' groups are taking action to change the way investments in natural resources are happening, to protect the rights of citizens and the environment for a fairer and more sustainable world. The Legal Tools for Citizen Empowerment initiative shares tools and tactics among practitioners

    9 October 2014 | Article | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Farmers tend crops in a field

    Legal and social accountability tools in agricultural investments in West Africa

    In recent years, a wave of large-scale acquisitions of farmland for plantation agriculture has taken place in Africa, Asia and Latin America, fuelled by changing agricultural commodity prices, expectations of rising land values and public policies to promote long-term food and energy security. Developing tools to improve accountability is critical in ensuring that investment processes respond to local needs and aspirations

    9 October 2014 | Project | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Flags outside the Palais des Nations, Geneva

    Rethinking investment treaties and dispute settlement in the light of sustainable development

    To promote inclusive sustainable development, IIED works with partners to rethink these legal documents and the process through which they are formulated.

    8 October 2014 | Project | Law
  • Farm labourers in a field

    Introduction to legal tools for citizen empowerment

    Can a half-acre of dry earth be more precious than gold? To farmers, herders and foragers in some of the world's poorest countries, the answer is very literally yes. Gold mining, agribusiness and other natural resource investments typically promise new jobs and public revenues. But they can also push poorer groups off their land and pollute their waterways

    3 October 2014 | Article | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Weighing sacks of coffee beans in Colombia's southwestern Cauca department (Photo: Neil Palmer/CIAT)

    Environmental Funds: sustainable finance for conservation

    Conservation Trust Funds provide sustainable financing for long-term conservation. Guest blogger Ann Marie Steffa Avila looks at the work of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC) in supporting grass roots projects. She explains how the funds operate and looks at a project to fund six ecotourism organisations

    23 July 2014 | Blog | Economics
  • A basket full of coal taken illegally from an open-cast mine near the village of Bokapahari, India where a community of coal scavengers live and work © G. M. B. Akash / Panos Pictures

    How to use law to make foreign investment work for sustainable development

    As foreign investments in agriculture and extractive industries increase pressures on land and natural resources, governments and civil society can harness the law to promote sustainable development.

    22 November 2013 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Ethiopian children play in the water of a well

    Ethiopia must rethink finance to achieve 2025 vision

    To achieve its goal of being a middle-income climate-resilient green economy, Ethiopia needs new ways to use public funds to promote private investment.

    1 October 2013 | Blog | Climate change
  • Women working together to build a solar lighting circuit board.

    How crowdfunding offers the fast route to decentralised energy

    How do you raise $1 trillion dollars of investment in 17 years? That’s what the International Energy Agency says is needed to achieve the UN’s goal of universal energy access by 2030.

    7 August 2013 | Blog | Energy
  • A man waters seedlings at a nursery at the Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary in Kenya managed by Wildlife Works Carbon.

    Investment guide to ‘triple win’ from locally controlled forestry

    Discussions between investors and forest rights-holders have resulted in new guidance for investments that can create a ‘triple win’ of returns for investors, livelihood security for local communities and protection for forests

    24 September 2012 | News | Forests
  • Place forests under local control to increase incomes and sustainability

    The following IUCN press release is about a report whose lead author is Duncan Macqueen, head of the forest team at IIED (

    7 September 2012 | News | Forests
  • Study sheds light on how public-private partnerships can bring renewable energy to the poorest

    A report published by IIED today (29 July) examines how governments, donors and businesses can work together to provide poor communities with low-carbon energy supplies.

    29 July 2011 | News | Energy
  • Principles for responsible investment fail to support sustainable development

    Principles intended to encourage socially and environmentally responsible investments generally fail to do so, according to the first comprehensive review of their use — published today by IIED.

    1 July 2011 | News | Sustainable markets
  • Report shows how secret land deals can fail to benefit African nations – and how to make them better

    African nations risk giving investors access to large areas of land in rushed, secretive and one-sided deals that fail to deliver real benefits or create new social and environmental problems, according to the first ever legal analysis of contracts which is published today (31 January) by the International Institute for Environment and Development.

    31 January 2011 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Staying south – trade, aid, and the recession

    In the global recession, have so called ‘emerging' economies got a toehold in the trade, aid, and investment big-league?

    30 March 2010 | Blog | Economics
  • New directions for integrating environment and development in East Africa

    IIED and Ecoagriculture Partners have published a new discussion paper, 'New Directions for Integrating Environment and Development in East Africa'

    16 March 2009 | News | Policy and planning
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