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Inclusion of women

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  • African women provide the majority of food production labor in the family, but do not necessarily own the land. Research has shown that ensuring land rights for women, such as these Kenyan farmers, can positively influence food security and economic development (Photo: Bonnie McClafferty/IFPRI, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    What women want

    What would women in sub-Saharan Africa propose this leap year? IIED's legal tools team asked what women would like to happen when their communities are affected by land deals

    29 February 2016 | Blog | Gender
  • Women discuss forest management at a Community Forest User Group meeting in Nepal.

    When pigs fly: Why is including women in managing forests still so unusual?

    Women are routinely excluded from REDD decision-making processes, but if they’re excluded then they can’t benefit equally from its work.

    24 September 2012 | Blog | Food and agriculture
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