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Fossil fuel subsidies

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  • A fishing vessel is dwarfed by a crude oil tanker in Singapore harbour, illustrating the impact oil prices have on sustainable fisheries (Photo: Andrew Thomas, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Plunging oil prices: what happens to our oceans?

    Falling oil prices might be benefiting the UK economy, but are the world's fish stocks paying the price?

    15 February 2016 | Blog | Economics
  • Privatising Nigeria’s power sector

    After a week of protests, the Nigerian government has partly backed down on proposed fuel subsidies while achieving a partial increase in fuel prices. With the privatisation of the power sector set to start in earnest this year, how will the power reforms, which also require substantial increases in electricity prices or a hefty subsidy, play out?

    27 January 2012 | Blog | Energy
  • Nigerian subsidy crisis shows the road to a green economy isn’t smooth

    The photos coming out of Nigeria over the last two weeks speak for themselves.

    17 January 2012 | Blog | Green economy
  • Is Iran sleepwalking towards a universal income grant?

    Almost unnoticed by the world, Iran has moved towards the adoption of a basic income grant to distribute money from its oil industry directly to its citizens. This could be a good example of how distorting fossil fuel subsidies used in many developing countries could be repealed without adversely impacting upon the poor. Furthermore, the outcomes of this policy could have a wider impact on the way rents from natural resources are used - allowing households to choose how to spend profits from resource extraction.

    2 December 2010 | Blog | Economics
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