Sustainable development in 2016 – how much do you know?

Down with the delicacies served up by Uganda street vendors? Tapped in to the targets for measuring progress on the Sustainable Development Goals? Do you know how much of the world's population depends on forests for their livelihoods?

Take our quiz to see how close you've had your ear to the ground in the world of environment and development over the last 12 months.

Are you as advanced as Morocco, or do you have as much to do as Japan? Our specially devised ranking system is based on how hard countries are working to tackle climate change...


How did you score?

We've based our scorecard on Germanwatch's Climate Change Performance Index, ranking the 58 top CO2 emitting nations by their efforts to tackle climate change.

15: Congratulations! You are Morocco. Ranked eight and host of this year's climate negotiations, you've made huge investments in renewable energy and ambitious mid- and long-term targets. You have adopted a run of climate-friendly policies to conserve your natural resources and boost resilience for your agriculture sector. Great job Morocco!

11-13: You are India. Making your way up the index and now in 25th position, you're recognised as a front-runner for forging your own clean, green development pathway. You score highly on renewables, including a massive expansion of solar energy. It remains to be seen how you deliver on your ambition to use non-fossil fuel sources for 40 per cent of installed power capacity by 2030. But for now, keep up the good work India!

7-10: You are Denmark. Your three-year run of topping the index has come to an end and you're now clocking a relatively lukewarm 13th place. Your tumble from the top is due to your turnaround in climate policy, such as reducing your CO2 emission reduction goals and repealing environment-friendly agriculture laws. Watch out Denmark – emerging economies are catching you up, and fast.

3-6: You are Australia. Again you have been identified as a climate laggard, uninspiring on policy and sluggish on climate action. You have made some improvements on renewable energy, showing willingness to finance the transition. But pollution is rising and you have a seemingly insatiable appetite for coal. As you were told by the Climate Action Network at this year's climate talks in Marrakech: shape up, Australia.

0-2: You are Japan. You have slipped two places and now come is as one of the index's worst performers, with Saudi Arabia the only country below you. Widespread criticism of your poor climate policy and increasing disengagement from the climate change debate leaves you sitting at the bottom of the pile. You need to re-think your action plan, Japan.