Sharing lessons for mainstreaming biodiversity at Cancun COP

News, 16 November 2016
IIED will co-host a one-day workshop at the Convention on Biological Diversity conference in Cancun, Mexico, to share solutions for mainstreaming biodiversity in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Fish on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which stretches more than more than 1,000 km, from Mexico to Honduras, and is home to hundreds of species. (Photo: monicajc, Creative Commons via Flickr)

Finding ways to recognise the importance of biodiversity in government policy will be the focus of a one-day workshop co-organised by IIED at the 13th Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Conference of the Parties (COP) in Cancun next month.

Presenters are invited to submit proposals for short presentations for sessions at the event (PDF), which is being jointly organised with UNEP-WCMC and the Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat (SCBD) on 11 December 2016.

Representatives from governments, NGOs and business will be in Cancun for the conference, which will discuss commitments to conserve and sustainable use biodiversity.

Under the convention, countries have agreed to "integrate, as far as possible and as appropriate, the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity" into plans, programmes and policies.

Mainstreaming biodiversity across all sectors of the national economy, society and policymaking framework is also essential for delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed by governments in 2015.

Sharing experiences

The event on mainstreaming biodiversity in development and the SDGs, which is part of IIED's work on mainstreaming biodiversity and development, has been organised to share experiences among a range of participants and start to build a community of practice.

Sessions will feature a stock-take of existing biodiversity mainstreaming initiatives, case studies of how governments are linking National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) and biodiversity considerations with development planning and SDG implementation, and examples of successful, and less successful, approaches.

Presentations invited

Proposals for short presentations are invited on:

  • How can biodiversity contribute to the achievement of the SDGs?
  • Case studies on integrating biodiversity into poverty eradication and development plans and processes, including examples where the SDGs provide an opportunity to scale up this work
  • Case studies on mainstreaming biodiversity in different sectors, such as agriculture, forests, tourism or fisheries, and
  • Examples of how biodiversity mainstreaming can be enhanced through engagement with different partners (e.g. business, local government or others).

Interested participants should send their ideas to, and by 21 November 2017. More details about the event in Cancun are available to download (PDF).


Dilys Roe ( is principal researcher and team leader (biodiversity) in IIED's Natural Resources research group

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