Save the date! 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA10)

News, 30 September 2015
The International Institute for Environment and Development is pleased to announce the dates for the 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA10), which will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 22-28 April, 2016.

Salaton Ole Ntutu, a Maasai cultural leader, and Stephen Ole Kisotu, of the Medungi project, address delegates at CBA9 in April 2015 (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

The theme of the conference is 'Enhancing urban community resilience'. The draft programme and details of how to register for the event will be published soon.

CBA: the background

IIED and partners such as the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies created the CBA conferences to highlight that effective adaptation to climate change takes place at community level.

A bottom-up approach to adaptation enables local knowledge and practices to be shared among communities, academics and project managers so that those most exposed to the impacts of climate change are better able to adapt.

Past CBA conferences have focused on scaling up best practice, ensuring a scientific basis to action, communicating and mainstreaming CBA, and ensuring adaptation funding reaches community level.

"Over the years the CBA conferences have tended to focus on rural communities, so we have chosen the theme for CBA10 to be 'Enhancing resilience of urban communities' because more than half the world population is now urban," says Dr Saleemul Huq, senior fellow at IIED.

The primary aims of CBA10 will be to:

  • Share and consolidate the latest developments in CBA best practice, policy and theory in different sectors and countries, in Asia and globally. Enhancing urban community resilience will be a key theme
  • Capture and disseminate this knowledge and experience more broadly, to CBA10 participants and through online web coverage and conference proceedings
  • Strengthen the existing network of practitioners, policymakers, planners and donors working on CBA at all levels by bringing them together at CBA10 and supporting knowledge sharing and collaboration, and
  • Enhance the capacity of practitioners, governments and donors to help those most vulnerable to climate change to improve their livelihoods.

CBA10 will feature an optional three days of field visits to CBA projects in different ecosystems across Bangladesh, such as drought, flood-prone, forest and urban areas, followed by three-and-a-half days of interactive conference discussions, with the format ranging from formal plenary and parallel sessions and high level panels, and interactive sessions for a more hands-on approach to learning.

Registration for the conference only will be priced £700, with the conference and field trips priced £1,000. However, a £50 discount will be available as part of an early-bird rate that will be available to those who book by a certain date, to be advised soon. Booking is not yet available.

Highlights from the last conference

More than 400 participants from over 90 countries attended CBA9 in Nairobi, Kenya, in April 2015, with hundreds more following the events and interacting online. The theme of the conference was 'Measuring and enhancing effective adaptation'.

The conference concluded with the launch of the Nairobi Declaration on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change, which stated the importance of addressing the needs and interests of the poorest and most vulnerable in international agreements on sustainable development, development finance and climate change.

For more information, see our conference highlights page, which includes comments, blogs, social media coverage and more, or watch interviews with conference speakers and participants.


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